Squirrel Roundup

Incredible problems sometimes require unique solutions!  Each year Surprise Valley, California is faced with a massive infestation of ground squirrels known as the Belding Squirrel. The varmints, sometimes called Sage Rats, can destroy up to a third of the farmer's crop. Something needed to be done so the Chamber of Commerce organized the annual Squirrel Roundup which is held the last Saturday of March nearest to the first day of Spring.

Varmint Hunters and Target Shooters are invited to shoot as fast as you can, and share your hunting feats at the evening barbecue.

The Squirrel Roundup Party is sponsored by the Surprise Valley Chamber of Commerce and includes a BBQ, official Squirrel Roundup Hat, and raffle ticket.  This event had brought commerce to the remote Surprise Valley area.  Hunters return on subsequent weekends to help control this rodent infestation problem, and have a blast!

For specific dates and details, please contact the Surprise Valley Chamber of Commerce; 530-279-2001 or visit www.surprisevalleychamber.com/chamber.htm


Latitude: 41.5290606 Longitude: -120.1732781 Elevation: 4652 ft
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Admission Fee (if any)

Current reservation is $45.00 per person

Ages Festival is Appropriate For

Youth through adult both male and female

Pet Friendly Notes

Not an event for pets.


Any chance we can get some info on where to hunt/ property owners #'s?

John MCAllister, 9/17/2012

Where to hunt is easy. Any area in the region will work. Just contact the land owner and ask permission. Once you get to know a few of the land owners they may share a telephone number with you but, IMO, calling them takes time away from their work so I avoid doing that out of respect for the fact that they're in business to do ranching and not to spend time on the phone. Gotta keep in mind that there are hundreds of shooters visiting the area each year and if every rancher had to spend time on the phone with interested shooters there wouldn't be much alfalfa harvested.

George, 12/2/2012

Need more info pleaseas we are traveling about 600 miles to come up heard it was the 30 then the 24th. Also who do we pay money's too. Any help would be great!!

Brad Kinkle, 1/4/2013

I'm looking for a location in the area to do some squirrel Hunting with a group of 8. The squirrel roundup sounds great, but I'd also be interested in something individual and not a large event. Can anyone offer any information at all? If so, please contact me at casazzafive@gmail.com. Thanks!

Peter Casazza, 2/3/2015

We have the need for squirrel hunters now - 775-333-0882 or 530-279-6211.

Tami Shelton, 3/4/2016

I’m looking I'm looking for a location to do some squirrel Hunting by myself. Can anyone offer any information? If so, please contact me at roncarm@att.net. Thanks!

Milt Morris, 2/19/2018

I’m looking I'm looking for locations to do some squirrel Hunting in this area. Can anyone offer any information? If so, please contact me at ed_arata@hotmail.com Thanks - Ed

Ed Arata, 2/27/2018

My Wife and I would love to come visit Cedarville this upcoming March for 2019 round up. Is there a local land owner that can accomodate us? We’d be most grateful. David Cetina LDSMERMAN@hotmail.com

David Cetina, 10/15/2018

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