Stagg Tree

The Stagg Tree is located on my family's property called Sequoia Crest. The property has been in the family since the early 1900s and is home fo the fifth largest giant redwood tree in the world. It's the only one among the world's largest located on private land. Visitors can easily hike to the tree in late Spring through early Fall.

The Stagg tree is a giant sequoia in Alder Creek Grove, it is the fifth largest tree in the world. L.Day noticed the tree in 1931, with the help from two others he measured the tree in 1932. The tree was named around 1960 for Amos Alonzo Stagg. Stagg was a football coach at the university of Chicago. The name is shortened by most people to simply "Stagg". In 1993 a group of climbers climbed the tree to the very top and found there was a hollow room inside the trunk near the top.

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Latitude: 36.1833483 Longitude: -118.6342408 Elevation: 6452 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

Hike, camp and cross country ski.

Seasons Accessible

Late Spring to early Fall.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets on a leash only please.


Greatest place to visit outside the park.

dale, 6/21/2016

In 1957 there was a tree with a screen door I it that my cousin put In it. He lived in Springville . I have old black and white photos of it. The last Niamey Williams and a pack station ay Balch park.

P, 10/8/2018

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