Still Life Café (French Bistro)

Outstanding lunch and dinner with roots in North African French cooking. There is nothing else like it on the east side of the Sierra. Don’t be in a hurry though, or expect 99 cent specials. Call ahead as hours can be irregular. Best of all have a leisurely lunch or dinner and stay in Independence. The original café was in Olancha at the southernmost end of Owens Valley. This establishment frequently gets 5 star reviews (out of 5) from patrons.

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Latitude: 36.8027102 Longitude: -118.2000951 Elevation: 3931 ft

Hours Open

Thursday-Monday. Lunch 11:30-1:00 Dinner 4:00-9:00

Seasons Open

All year

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We’ve been here many times with/without fiends and w/wo reservations and we have LOVED it every time. Once we took two couples (while rv camping up the road) and ended up going back to the MH for our own bottles of wine to hold us over until the "chef" returned from shopping. Don't go if you want a quick meal or someone hovering over you. Go to enjoy the atmosphere and the company. We've always enjoyed the owners. It's a gem in the high desert. Always call ahead to ensure they are open.

Nancy, 6/21/2010

Michael & Mikela serve the best food in the Eastern Sierras! Excellent menu and good French wines. I'll plan my trips in such a way that I'll be able to eat there whenever I'm passing through Independence.

David Coyote, 10/20/2010

Love this place. The ambiance, the food, everything. If you want a quick meal, don’t come here. But if you want to eat the best food in the Owens Valley and enjoy the company of your friends, then this is the place. Their burger with the carmelized onions was the best burger ever. Learn to relax, and check them out. Be sure to call first because they have irregular hours.

Pam Vaughan, 2/19/2014

They had great, fresh food (loved their trout) when they were in Olanchia. I used to plan my trips to Death Valley area with a mandatory stop at their bistro. Now that they have moved I have only been able to eat there twice. Both times excellent!

Richard Sloan, 2/19/2014

Stumbled on this place years ago. Came straight west from Red Rock Canyon, hell of a ride. They had just opened; had a Sierra Nevada, my first one. Great beer, great food, great folks. AAA+++

Tom Kemper, 7/30/2014

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