Tahoe Geotourism Expo

The sustainable Tahoe Geotourism Expo is an annual multi-day event featuring health and fitness, green technology, and clean transit hosted by local residents.  The annual Expo provides geotourism activities and adventures that demonstrate how visitors can enrich their connection to the region, while maintaining Lake Tahoe's water clarity and increasing economic prosperity.

Each expo showcases the collaboration of lead-by-example businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations in sustainability and geotourism. This year's Expo theme spotlights the 8 Worlds of Tahoe; sky, water, plant, land, wildlife, culture, community, and heritage.

Th variety of sampler 'Geotour Adventure Tracks' will launch from two of Tahoe’s most spectacular shoreline venues and feature native Washoe and Paiute culture, crafting and ceremonies.  

North Shore: Sand Harbor
Sat 8am to 2pm at Sand Harbor Shakespeare Theater - 

Opening Washoe ceremony, Geotour samplers including; Washoe medicine and basket making, round dance, elder panel, indigenous games, SUP Water Yoga, kayaking thru Culture with Mark Twain as our special host, water science, bird and plant geo-caching, mountain biking and history hikes. 

South Lake: Lakeview Commons
Sat 3pm to 9pm

Local sourced "High-Carbo/Low Carbon Food Feast" + "Elevation Acclimation Fitness" + dance, music, entertainment (welcoming Tour De Tahoe cyclists), alternative energy vendors and demos.

Geotours include SUP yoga, fly fishing lessons, Washoe Tully boat making, kayaking into Truckee River, cultural dancing, wildlife hikes, historical enactments, pine needle basket making, moccasin making, SUP raffle and more...

West Shore, North Shore, Truckee andCarson Valley
Sun 8am to 3pm

  1. Independence Lake kayak tour
  2. Squaw Pond Fly Fishing
  3. Truckee Rafting thru time Track
  4. Green Dome Growing Dome)
  5. Fire and Ice Track featuring Sierra Nevada geothermal energy
  6. Wild West Track - includes river rafting, wild mustangs, Paiute museum
  7. Art Walk/Trails and Vistas
  8. Medicine Walk at Ward Canyon, West Shore

ALL VENUES ACCESSIBLE BY BUS, BOAT, BIKE, KAYAK, WATER TAXI - a critical part of this demonstration.

For more information about participating in this exciting sustainable weekend at Lake Tahoe, please visit www.tahoeexpo.com.

The Expo is comprised of businesses, non-profits, leaders, and the scientific community, all pushing for the best possible solution set for the health of this area.


Latitude: 39.198139 Longitude: -119.930105 Elevation: 6239 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Jacquie Chandler

Ages Festival is Appropriate For

All ages are welcome to this family friendly event.


This is such an important event that it should be all year long. I am looking forward to attending next year and will be looking for every opportunity to shift the behavior patterns to protect our WATER. Thank you Sustainable Tahoe!

Elizabeth Rogers, 2/2/2014

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