Tahoe Yosemite Trail at Crag Lake

The trailhead is just north of the Meeks Bay Fire Department, on the West side of Highway 89 in Lake Tahoe. 

For overnight trips you must obtain a permit for Desolation Wilderness.  The first mile or so is pretty flat and mellow along a forest service road, then you turn right at the signs onto the Tahoe Yosemite Trail.  This trail actually travels 183 miles all the way to the Yosemite Valley.  However;  this trail holds some miraculous sights after a short distance, making it easy to conquer for a day hike or overnighter. 

The trail climbs through a beautiful narrow valley and forest, lined with awesome granite formations and wild vegetation.  After about 5 miles you come upon a series of alpine lakes.  The first is Lake Genevieve which is nice, but nothing compared to its successor Crag Lake.  Crag Lake sits below a fabulous wall of granite known as Crag Peak.  The reward is incredible and well worth the hike.  There is another smaller hole of water known as Hidden Lake, which is basically a crater.  If you continue up you come to Stony Ridge Lake which also sits below another beautiful granite peak.


Latitude: 39.037423 Longitude: -120.126449 Elevation: 6235 ft
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Trail Distance

5.5 miles each way to lakes, 183 miles to Yosemite

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