The Historic Pioneer Cemetery of Jackson


Latitude: 38.352662 Longitude: -120.7728553 Elevation: 1233 ft
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The community of Jackson has given more than 150 years of care to the pioneer Jackson City Cemetery and those who rest there. The graves amongst the old trees that grace the original burial hill reflect the peace and reverence bestowed by civic responsibility.

In 1854, the newly founded city of Jackson gave formal recognition to the public graveyard along Church Street. The Catholics too, about this time, chose an adjacent area to the north for a cemetery, as did the Chinese to the south and the Jews to the east. Next to come were the sculptors and artisans and the Marble and Granite Works to the west on Church Street.

At rest within these sacred grounds, as signs at the cemetery’s entrances indicate, “ many of the men and women who first saw the beauty and value of this land and chose to remain and build the Amador County we cherish today.” Among them are U.S. Senators, heroes of wars of two centuries, victims of mine disasters, statesmen, doctors, ranchers and others — our pioneers whom we reverentially honor in this cemetery.

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Though the cemetery can be entered from Church Street, there is better parking and easier access from Cemetery Lane.

Ann Taylor, 2/17/2015

I'm looking for my grandmother Ina Marie Harrison Davis B 2/8/1899 D 1/18/1958 Thanks

Piedad Arias, 6/2/2016

Are there any spirits remaining? Who knows.......

Josey Wales, 6/22/2016

I'm not sure how long it has been since the information on this website was written, but the description of the cemetery that I just read was NOTHING LIKE the cemetery that I walked through earlier today. What I saw was very disturbing, to say the least. It didnt look like the cemetery had been "given more than 150 years of care" and it did NOT "reflect the peace and reverence bestowed by civic responsibility." Not only were the grounds severely neglected and over grown with weeds in some places, there were broken headstones, scattered debris, and several other things that didn't seem right... A grave with a big hole in the top of it, and even an OPEN GRAVE. Someone in charge needs to check it out and make sure that nothing is wrong.

Cybil, 9/7/2016

I had nightmares after visiting this cemetery.

Sharon Cox, 9/9/2016

This place is so mystical and intriguing. Its like people are just dying to get buried there.

Comedia Puninya, 9/9/2016

Next time I go to that cemetery, I'm bringing my work gloves and rake. That place needs to be cleaned up. Poor people...some of their graves are so cluttered with weeds and leaves and just seems very disrespectful.

Karen Z., 9/16/2016

Where can I get a price list? I see an array of different burial options to choose from... From elaborately polished marble headstones to the cement block style graves to gated in graves to make-shift homemade looking mounds of dirt with no headstone at all. I'm on a really tight budget so I know that I can't afford any of the fancy sculptures but I would like to know how much you charge for just a little nook or maybe even just a cranny to throw some dirt over and be done with it? I don't see any prices on this website.

Kathrynne T., 9/17/2016

Can you please provide a list of people buried in the Pioneer Catholic Church section of the Jackson Cemetery? I would like to research my family’s genealogy.

Jorjan Perry, 10/4/2018

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