Upper Kern River Clean Up

On the second Saturday of June each year, Sequoia Recreation, a division of California Land Management with the United States Forest Service, American Rivers.org and Kern River Outfitters hosts the Upper Kern River Clean Up Day. Volunteers go into the dispersed areas along the upper Kern River and pick up trash along the water’s edge.

The Kern River is approximately 165 miles long. It drains an area of the southern Sierra Nevada mountains northeast of Bakersfield. Fed by snow melt from Mt. Whitney, the river passes through scenic canyons in the mountains and is a popular destination for rafters, campers and fisherman. It is the only major river in the Sierra Nevada that flows in a southerly direction.

We all have a great concern for the Kern River, and its future viability as a safe and clean water way.

After spending the day cleaning the river corridor, lunch is provided by Sequoia Recreation and the Kern River Outfitters.

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Latitude: 35.87778 Longitude: -118.45639 Elevation: 3225 ft

Types of Volunteer Work Needed

We need folks to come out and pick up trash, eat a free lunch, enjoy the environment and have a good time. Have fun at the raffle after lunch.

People need to dress appropriately, wear a hat and gloves and bring water. Pick up sticks and trash bags are provided.

Appropriate Ages for Volunteer Opportunity

7 to 70. You're never too young, never too old!

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