West Walker River

Designated a "Wild and Scenic River," the West Walker River has a reputation for its trophy-size trout - brown, rainbow, and Lahonton.  It's also a favorite river to kayak especially through its winding bends and rocky troughs.

The drive along the Walker River on US 395 is breathtaking and one of the prettiest river settings in the west.  During the spring run-off, the river ignites and heaves into a heart-thumping white water kayaker's dream.

The West Walker River meanders along the base of the eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range starting at Pickles Meadow through the town of Walker and flows into Topaz Lake to the north.

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Latitude: 38.4906819 Longitude: -119.4502258 Elevation: 6286 ft

Recreational Opportunities

Fishing, kayaking, and camping.

Seasons Accessible

Access for fishing is available at various points along the entire Walker River, off of US 395 from the last Saturday in April through November 15th, every year.

Whitewater kayaking is for advanced kayakers and is best during the spring run-off in May and June, depending on snow pack in the eastern Sierra Nevada.

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