Whiskey Falls

Simply put, this is one of the most beautiful waterfalls to be found.  Quintessential west slope Sierra Nevada.

Mushroom shaped drop and in the leaner months of summer, you can walk behind the falls. Be wary of the wet slippery granite though.  The fall can be viewed from your car and is a short walk up a gentle grade to the base.

Falls are just past the  Whiskey Falls Campground in North Forki. This remote campground, situated at 5,800 feet, is a fairly accessible campground in the Minarets Ranger District. It is located due east of Bass Lake in the neighboring Mariposa Ranger District and relatively short drive from North Fork on seasonal forest roads.

From North Fork, follow route 225 to 233 east to forest route 8S09. From there head five miles north until you reach the campground.  From there, be ready for the remarkable.

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Latitude: 37.286687 Longitude: -119.440098 Elevation: 5838 ft
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Maureen Walling

Recreational Opportunities

From photography to meditation, this is one of the special places of the Sierras Nevada and it's easy access to boot.



Seasons Accessible

Spring - Fall


In the summer this place is a dirt bike park and not a good place for meditation. In the winter it is a snowmobile park which is not good for meditation either.

Brian, 3/30/2017

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