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While the first rush to Downieville was for gold, today the rush is for mountain biking.  With some of the premier single track bike trails in its backyard, Downieville is known by the biking community near and far for its annual Downieville Classic Bike Race and Festival

The rest of the year the biking community knows the community as the home of Yuba Expeditions, purveyors of biking hospitality, supplies, and shuttle service to the region's trailheads.  Working out of their shop adjacent to the downtown plaza, Yuba Expeditions has been the leader in developing the system of trails that the community enjoys today.  Through bike rental, guide, and shuttle services, areas of the Tahoe National Forest previously known only to miners and loggers are now enjoyed by those willing to undertake this adventurous sport. 

Let the professionals at Yuba Expeditions recommend trails and equipment for the centerpiece of your Sierra County escape!


Latitude: 39.5602845 Longitude: -120.828613 Elevation: 2896 ft
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