Zentgraf Adobe

This historic structure is located in the Clarksville region of El Dorado County. The citizens of Clarksville have embraced their unique heritage and are working to preserve and present it to the world.

It is well documented that the earliest recollection of vineyards was in El Dorado County. Thirty-two vines had been planted in this spot in 1849 by a Mr. Stevens. This was perhaps the first vineyard in the country, and all those others of early days were furnished from it. In 1854, the Stevens' small vineyard was purchased by Jacob Zentgraf who propagated the vines extensively and by 1859, he was producing from 4 to 6 thousand gallons of wine per year.

Due to the prosperity of his vineyards, in 1871 he was able to afford to build a luxurious adobe home which still stands today.

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Latitude: 38.7035971 Longitude: -121.0304546 Elevation: 1058 ft
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About this Establishment

The home and the wine cellar are split across both sides of Deer Valley Road in El Dorado County. No vineyards or winery remains.

This structure is privately owned. The family has allowed tours. Contact the El Dorado County Historical society for more information.

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