Sierra Nevada Geotourism Councils

Geocouncil members represent the many facets of geotourism including community leadership, public lands management, food and hospitality sectors, historic preservation, natural resources conservation, indigenous peoples, traditional and local arts, agriculture, tourism promotion, and others.

The role of the Sierra Nevada Wide Geocouncil is to guide the overall vision of the project, sustain the project into the future, and encourage long-term stewardship of the region’s natural, historic and cultural assets.

During the product building phase between August 2009 and May 2012, there was an overarching Sierra Nevada Wide Geocouncil and four local Geocouncils for each of the four phase areas - Northern Sierra Cascade, Southern Sierra, Tahoe Emigrant Corridor, and Yosemite Gateway.  The founding Geocouncils listed below encouraged community participation in the nomination process, worked to ensure nominations reflected the diversity of the entire region, and selected the nominations for final review by the National Geographic Society.

Founding Geocouncil Members:

To continue the legacy of the founding members to bring the Sierra Nevada Geotourism project to life and reach travelers, a new group of Sierra Nevada Wide Geouncil members have volunteered to work with local residents and program managers.  

Meet the latest members of the Sierra Nevada Wide Geocouncil as of 2014.